College Students Demand New Student Body President Resign for Being “Too Conservative” even though He’s a Gay Black Man!

Students at Dartmouth College launched a petition drive demanding the newly-elected student body president resign after they say he was disrespectful to the plight of American blacks and other marginalized groups. The twist: The president is a gay black man. The controversy began last weekend, when a group of demonstrators paraded through Hanover, N.H. on Friday and Saturday in solidarity with those protesting police brutality in Baltimore. At one point during the Saturday protests, the Read more […]

New Info Shows that Rising Cigarette Taxes Helps Finance Terrorism

Actions have consequences. I think that is probably the wisdom to take from this latest research on the impact of cigarette sin taxes on the war on terror. Apparently, the rising taxes have forced many smokers to purchase their cancer sticks from the black market… which is helping to fund the very terrorists we are fighting. So here’s a suggestion… cut taxes and take back some of that terrorist revenue. Raising tobacco taxes is often seen as a way for states to boost revenue, but research Read more […]

Should an Arrest Carry a Heavier Punishment Than a Conviction?

It’s a simple question. Should an arrest by police carry a heavier punishment than a conviction would? If a person is being arrested for jaywalking, should the arresting officers be allowed to use lethal force when a conviction for the alleged crime would result in nothing more than a fine? I think the obvious answer is no: Consider what arrests are for. An arrest is not punishment: After all, there has been no conviction at that point. The purpose of an arrest is to prevent crime and to aid in Read more […]


#BlackLivesMatter. Did you know that? It’s funny that, up until this point, I was unaware that black lives did indeed matter. I just assumed that they didn’t matter. Thanks to the hashtag activism, I have now been alerted, and made aware of the fact that the lives of black people matter. Michael Brown’s life mattered, as do all our lives. But when he strong-arm robbed a convenience store, then attempted to grab Officer Darren Wilson’s gun—as forensic evidence indicates—the fact that his life Read more […]

Why I Agree With the Exoneration of Officer Pantaleo

Did Officer Pantaleo cross the line? “There are no facts, only interpretations.” – Friedrich Nietzsche On July 17th, 2014, New York police approached Eric Garner outside a Tompkinsville strip mall. They believed that he had been selling loose cigarettes, which is illegal in the state of New York. Upon questioning him, Garner became agitated, stating that he had done nothing wrong, and that he was being unfairly targeted by the police department. When the officers attempted to place handcuffs Read more […]

Conservative Leader says there should be a Civil Rights Investigation into Eric Garner’s Killing

Conservative thinker and leader George Will was on Fox News defending efforts to bring a Civil Rights investigation into the choking death of Eric Garner at the hands of the New York police. “This is exactly what this law was written to do. The Fourteenth Amendment and laws passed pursuant to that to protect emancipated African-Americans from arbitrary state power in the reconstructed south gives this the color of law. The federal government is doing what the amendment and the laws are supposed Read more […]

President George W. Bush says Garner Grand Jury Decision “Hard to Understand”

Former President George W. Bush doesn’t often second guess what happens in daily political life… but he took the time on Friday to do just that when asked about the recent grand jury decision in the death of Eric Garner. CNN host Candy Crowley asked President Bush what he thought about the video of Eric Garner’s death in the streets of New York, to which he responded that the grand jury’s decision not indict the officer was “hard to understand.”   Read more […]

Vile Race Hustlers Trying To Use The Pantaleo Exoneration To Invalidate The Wilson Exoneration

Recent events have been an opportunity for race hustlers. Two weeks, two hearings, two grand juries, two potential crimes, two exonerations, anger, and violent mass protests. The proximity of the exonerations of Officer Darren Wilson, and Officer Daniel Pantaleo have led many to make unnecessary, and invalid comparisons. The incidents which led to the grand jury hearings certainly had much in common, if one looks only to the superficial. Both cops are white, both suspects were black, both incidents Read more […]

Eric Garner’s Daughter says his Death is NOT a Racial Issue

How messed up is our media and our justice system when it takes the daughter of a dead man to be the rational voice in the media maelstrom? Eric Garner’s daughter, Erica, was on CNN Thursday when host Don Lemon asked her the question on everyone’s mind… was this about race? Erica Garner answered quickly, “This is not a black and white issue.” “I really doubt it. It was about the officer’s pride. It was about my father being 6’4″ and 350 pounds and he wants to be the top cop Read more […]

Eric Garner and Police Impunity

Another grand jury decided not to indict a police officer in the death of an unarmed black man. This time, there was actually video evidence of what went down, and it isn’t pretty. Eric Garner, an asthmatic black man harassed by too many police for selling single cigarettes, was put in a chokehold for “resisting arrest” and then held to the ground. He died shortly thereafter. He wasn’t necessarily choked to death, but there is no doubt that he wouldn’t have died without the police violence Read more […]