Tomorrowland: It’s Not Personal … It’s Just Programming

Tomorrowland is certainly different from pretty much any summer blockbuster ever. It has action, explosions, adventure, suspense, and all the other things you would expect. But it also has a defined, at times even heavy-handed, moral riptide. I use moral somewhat loosely, however. This is the Disney version of faith, hope, and love. And it has almost nothing at all to do with religion, narrowly defined. Strangely enough, in a movie this preachy, there isn’t even a single mention of Christians. Read more […]

Why Fact-Checking Often Reinforces Myths

One of the most widely-held ideas in the popular consciousness is that a person’s access to correct facts determines their espousal of correct beliefs. In other words, we think we base what we think on the facts that are available to us. This is not true. We determine what we accept as fact based on what we already believe to be true. This is as true for the scientist as it is for the priest. We all have ideological pre-commitments that determine what facts we are willing to accept. And this Read more […]