Liberals Hate Personal Wealth – unless It Belongs to a Liberal

Remember when Mitt Romney was criticized solely on the basis of his wealth and business success? There were certainly other issues over which one could disagree with Romney, or that might cause one to view him as a non-viable candidate, but his wealth shouldn’t really have been a problem. Yet his white guy richness was indeed an issue for many Democrats. Now, there may be a seismic shift coming, because one Democrat is running for Senate, and his net worth is pegged at $1.6 billion. According Read more […]

McDonald’s Financial Advice Mocked For Wrong Reasons

McDonald’s has a new website: “Practical Money Skills For Life.” The entire economically-illiterate, envy-driven legion is out with pitchforks attacking McDonald’s for this website because of how poor people have to live. But it is the fault of no one at McDonald’s that poverty stinks or that the chain can’t afford to pay workers more. McDonald’s is our slave—we the consumers. Until we say we are willing to pay about $15 for a Big Mac, workers aren’t going to get a higher wage. Read more […]

Rupert Murdoch On Morality Of Free Market & Immorality of Socialism

In his speech at the Institute of Public Affairs this year, Rupert Murdoch said: “What they wanted was simple: an Australia where men and women would rise in society not because they were born into privilege – but because they earned it with their hard work, their thrift, and their enterprise…Success is not something we can take for granted. Success must be fought for. Success most be won…But, instead of hearing about new initiatives that would make Australia more competitive and open up new Read more […]

Lower Taxes Breed Higher Charitability from the Wealthy

People are much more responsible with their lives when they know there is no other choice. I remember, to give one personal example of this, that whenever my mother would go out of town for a week or so, I would suddenly start picking up after myself, giving the dog his medicine on time (and taking my own), loading and unloading the dishwasher, etc. But whenever my mother was around, I was always having to be reminded to do those things or else they would not get done. Similarly, people are more Read more […]