Democrats Are Just Like Starlings

Throughout most of the United States, you can see large flocks of a blackish bird known as the common or European starling.  Their scientific name, Sturnus vulgaris, was given to them for obvious reasons.  They are noisy and have a very unpleasant voice, and they are very messy. Starlings were first introduced into the US by the noble efforts of a Shakespeare fan, Eugene Schieffelin.  He was the president of the American Acclimatization Society and made it his goal to introduce every bird that Read more […]

Post-Election Figures Show Real Condition of America’s People

In the short span of time since the election earlier this month new figures have been released on the condition of America’s people that paint a darker and bleaker picture than what we already knew to be real. It’s no surprise that the real figures were hidden and delayed from the general public until after the election in an obvious attempt to protect Barack Obama. One report that was delayed until after the election was recently issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the amount of people Read more […]

Obama Sanctions Entitlement Fraud

“All I knows is, if you wants to lives like a Republicans you gots to vote Democrat.” These haunting words were spoken to me by a neighbor’s wife some 20 years ago during the Clinton/Dole election. I am forever grateful for her ineloquent yet brutally honest insight into the mind of a habitual Democrat supporter. For over a decade, a Democrat legislature has eased entitlement eligibility standards and taken the so called “disadvantaged class” to a quality of living standard beyond any Read more […]