Survey Says over 50% of Obamacare Enrollees May Bail Out for 2015

How many nails does it take to seal a coffin to prove that anyone or anything is truly dead? It seems that every week we get another report of how Obamacare has failed, placing another nail in the Affordable Care Act’s coffin. I guess Obama and Pelosi are fans of Monty Python because they keep saying ‘It’s not dead yet. It’s getting better.’ However, a recent survey conducted by Bankrate indicates that not only is Obamacare not getting better, but that it may be facing a terminal phase Read more […]

As Few as 11% of Obamacare Enrollees Previously Uninsured

When Obama, Reid and Pelosi were pushing Obamacare through Congress, they kept telling us that this needed to be passed so that all of the 30+ million uninsured Americans will have insurance.  Remember that? The White House is claiming that 6 million Americans have already enrolled in Obamacare, but we already know that those figures are bogus and inaccurate.  But even if we accept Obama’s 6 million enrollees figure, new surveys are indicating that it has still failed its intent of insuring Read more […]

Fact Checker Says Not to Believe Obama’s 6M Obamacare Enrollees

A recent tweet from Obama claims that 6 million people have enrolled in Obamacare.  The administration is using that figure to encourage others, especially young and healthy Americans to sign up for their health coverage. Glenn Kessler, author of the Washington Post’s Fact Checker blog says that the Obama administration is using bogus numbers and that they really have no idea of how many Americans have actually enrolled, selected policies and paid for them.  He recently appeared on Newsmax Read more […]