University Demands to Know Students’ Sexual Activities in Order to Enroll for Classes

Public education at all levels is becoming increasingly liberal and personally invasive. Many public schools are teaching sexual promiscuity to kids as young as 10 to 12 years of age and kindergartners are being taught that homosexuality is normal and something to be explored. Kids are taught not to tell their parents about their sexual activities and how to bypass parents and the legal system to get abortions. Some public schools have been having their students report on how many guns are in Read more […]

Florida Woman Paying for 2 Health Plans because She Couldn’t Un-enroll from Obamacare

Another sign of the incompetency of those who built the Obamacare enrollment program surface in the life and trials of Melissa Battles, a Florida mother.  She initially went online to enroll in an exchange healthcare program.  She found the process long, tedious and convoluted. She eventually discovered that she qualified for a federal subsidy since she did not have a full time job at the time.  Then she had to undergo more online gymnastics in selecting a Healthy Kids plan for her autistic Read more […]