TX Principal Fired for Encouraging Students to Speak English

When I went to school, every student was required to speak English. There were a number of Hispanic students who struggled with English, but they were still required to do all of their school work and speak English. There was no special treatment given to them. To be fair, we also had students from Japan, China, Vietnam, Germany, France, Denmark and Sweden that I know of and they were also required to speak and work in English. Things have changed and just suggesting that students speak English Read more […]

The Selfishness Of Refusing To Learn English

“A selfish man is a thief.” – Jose Marti There are basic rules people must follow if they are to live in, and participate in a functioning society. Do not kill, do not steal, do not behave recklessly—just to name a few of the most obvious. Basically, follow the law. But there are other rules that, if not followed, bring everything to a grinding halt. These are social rules, rules that must be followed to keep things running smoothly. And I am tired of people not adhering to these basic rules. According Read more […]

Sacramento To Require Taxi Drivers Speak English

“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.” – Arthur Conan Doyle Breaking news: according to multiple sources, the city of Sacramento will soon require taxi drivers to understand, and speak basic English, as well as practice good hygiene. The requirement was blasted by Kazman Zaido, the head of the Sacramento taxi cab drivers union. “Telling people to take showers! To take an English test!” He exclaimed with disdain, I assume from the exclamation marks. Personally, I wonder why Read more […]

Amid Rising Racial Tension, Principal Fired for Requiring Students to Speak English

Back in December, in Hempstead, Texas, at the heavily Hispanic-populated Hempstead Middle School, Principal Amy Lacey grew what is referred to in casual circles as “a pair” and announced over the intercom that all students were thenceforth to abstain from speaking Spanish in the classrooms, thus discriminating her way into my heart. Some students complained that Spanish is their first language, as if that had any relevance at all. If they can complain in English, which they did, then they can Read more […]

Learn English Or Lose Your Benefits

“It is the obvious which is so difficult to see most of the time. People say ‘It’s as plain as the nose on your face.’ But how much of the nose on your face can you see, unless someone holds a mirror up to you” – Isaac Asimov What we lack in common sense, we make up for in meaningless passions. I would say that is an apt way to describe many Americans. It seems counterintuitive that as we gain access to information, we lose our ability to discern logical from illogical. The more we have, the less Read more […]

Student Suspended For Asking That Class Be Taught In English

“Absurdity exists so that we may see what lies outside the bounds of normal human behavior. For without absurdity, we may never understand normality.” Obama is still lying, John McCain is still spineless, and the Left is still trying their best to incite racial outrage. The world does not change—at least in terms of basic human behavior. In that vein, another thing that doesn’t change is absurdity. In a story that pushes the boundaries of ridiculousness, an Arizona community college Read more […]

The Hispanic Guy Denied Job Because He Was Not Bilingual

Imagine being a fifth generation—born and bred—Hispanic American citizen and not getting the job because English is your primary language. Juan is a college student seeking employment. He applied for a position as a warehouse worker with a local company. He thought he possessed all the skills required, but his prospective employer did not agree. He was turned down for the job because he did not speak Spanish. Juan is furious and disgusted. So am I. Decades of unregulated and un-enforced immigration Read more […]

Hispanic Janitors Claim Discrimination Because They Can’t Read English

Let’s say I was planning a trip to Germany. Once I arrived, I was so enamored by the country that I made plans to live there. Following the difficult immigration process, I move everything across the ocean to Germany, find a place to live in a great part of town, and settle in. However, after a few months, my savings have dried up. I have run out of money and I need a job. I go to interview after interview; finally landing a job at a local restaurant as a busser. During my time at work, I come Read more […]

Students Recite Pledge in Arabic and Say ‘One Nation Under Allah’

The effort to destroy American patriotism has reached a new level at Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, Colorado.  According to Principal Tom Lopez, the Pledge of Allegiance is recited at the school every Monday and I think that’s great, especially considering the fact that many public schools today never recite the Pledge.  When I was in public school, it was recited first thing every day. The school’s multicultural club has been translating the Pledge of Allegiance into other Read more […]

What Illegals Should Know About Amnesty

I’ve been an American citizen since my birth so I thought I would rant a little. I was taught about working hard and the value of trying to achieve the American dream by parents of legal immigrants who came through Ellis Island. My Grandparents were Democrats when Democrats were still worthy of a vote and they never earned enough to own their own home. There was no Community Re-Investment Act back in the day, just a Depression. Today you have high hopes of becoming an American citizen. You believe Read more […]