Time for GOP to Put Up or Shut Up

Ever since the Democrats took control of Congress in 2006 and then the White House in 2008, Republicans have been complaining. Obamacare has been one of their biggest complaints. Republicans have been against the forced penalties for Americans that don’t have health insurance. They’ve been against many of the taxes imposed by Obamacare along with the high costs of healthcare and reduction in quality of coverages. They’ve also complained about some parts of the employer mandate and how it Read more […]

The Left wants to increase both unemployment and energy prices—and works with Mideast Big Oil to brainwash you

One man against the many. The poor against the wealthy and arrogant. These ideas are the stuff of legends and sagas from the beginning of history. So anyone wanting to get people to cooperate with their exploiters will use these themes in stories in order to manipulate potential victims. While Obama keeps selling the fantasy of “Green Energy,” Natural Gas has been creating jobs even in these hard times: …in 2009, 44,000 new jobs were created by fracking compared with 35,000 created Read more […]