Why Hillary Won’t Give Up Her Private Server

“I’ve studied pathological liars, and anything they say, they believe, and that’s one of the reasons they’re so convincing, because they have no connection with the truth.” – Jane Velez-Mitchell The email-gate scandal will fade, just like every other Democratic scandal has, into the night. As the unusually aggressive press eventually realizes that without Hillary Clinton, they have few viable candidates this election cycle who could take out a deep bench of rising conservative stars, they will Read more […]

The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Deepens

Two additional wrinkles have surfaced in the already widening Hillary Clinton email scandal. First, Hillary Clinton said that there shouldn’t be as much of a concern about her use of a private email server because she never sent classified information. Well, that’s kind of hard to believe, considering she was Secretary of State. So let’s just check all of her emails then to make sure. Oops. Sorry. Clinton already erased more than half of the emails (that had nothing to do with state business—according Read more […]