School Superintendent Rakes in $660k Salary; Watch These Outraged Parents Let Him Have It

How many times have we heard that the government school system as a whole needs more funding? That’ll fix everything, right? And it’s for the children. Don’t they have rights to free access to education? They just need more money to pay for better teachers and to pay for better books and supplies, etc. It’s all about making sure they have the best chance possible for a great education. And to do this, they’ve got to raise taxes. But since it’s about the children and their education, we Read more […]

We Can’t Fight Obama When We’re Fighting Among Ourselves!

These days having a subdued and meaningful conversation is as scarce as factual news reporting. It seems that most Americans are angry about someone else taking advantage of legislated inequalities and they just can’t seem to find common sense anymore. It is almost like a big family arguing about the will when mom hasn’t been waked yet. These days Americans lack any level of focus and prefer to immerse themselves in the emotional current of public discussion shaped by the Dartmouth and Cornell Read more […]

What Do Our Elites Get Away With?

Last week the news hit about the bizarre sexual practices of former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and about a large group of people who would sponsor sex parties in order to win his favor. This was reported, but was treated as some sort of weird human interest story rather than as a story about how our international global institutions are corrupt. In addition to charges of orgiastic hedonism and prostitutes, Strauss-Kahn has also been accused of rape or attempted rape. But so far the evidence Read more […]