“Smart Grid” Technology: Rationing Energy To Fight “Climate Change”

Thanks to our government’s penchant for regulation and control, power companies have to change the way they operate. And that means two things for customers: rising prices and poorer quality service. The former was even acknowledged by the President. This is always what happens when government gets involved in the marketplace. It’s what’s been happening to healthcare, and it’s happening with the energy industry. And the excuse is always the same. It’s always some variation on the “greater Read more […]

A Free Market Is Driven By An Ethical Populace, Not Greed

We hear a great deal about the supposed evils of capitalism, the wonders of governmental interference and planning, and the accusation that capitalism is associated with greed. Of course, for many politicians, “capitalism” really means government, tax-financed favors for the “capitalist” who will pass back the most money to politicians. Against that kind of “capitalism” all the accusations are true. But when it comes to a real free market where people are left alone to produce and Read more […]