Democrats’ Desperate Measures to Steal Elections

The Democrats seem to be in more of a panic mode than ever going into the 2014 midterm elections. There are a number of reports of intentional voter fraud or illegal voting practices by Democrats that indicate what extreme measures they are taking to ensure they win their elections. First there are the reports that voting machines used for early voting in Illinois were automatically switching Republican votes to Democratic. Jim Moynihan, an Illinois State Representative and a Republican recounted Read more […]

After 2012 Most Americans Believe Elections are Rigged

I followed the 2012 elections pretty close and saw a substantial amount of evidence to indicate that these were perhaps the most corrupt and rigged elections in American history. There were numerous reports of people voting for Mitt Romney but the voting machines were switching the votes to Barack Obama. In areas like Cleveland, 149 precincts reported fewer than 10 votes for Romney. The statistical probability of this happening is extremely remote. In my own area a precinct worker not only Read more […]

Why This Conservative Is Voting Democratic On Tuesday

[The opinions below are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of anyone else associated with this blog.] How can we any longer claim to be proud of our country? Inasmuch as a country is defined by its inhabitants, as I believe is the case, I’ve reached a point where I can say I don’t like America anymore. It is not the country it once was. It has a wonderful landscape, both in the city and in the country, and the desert and mountains and lakes, but what truly affects this Read more […]

The UK Electoral Revolution: A Hopeful Sign

For those of us getting more and more sick of the United States establishment what happens in the United Kingdom may not seem to matter much. But hearing the panic and exultation from the recent elections may be a hint of things to come when the population truly begins to wake up. The UK Independence Party just won sweeping victories that were not only unexpected in the media but even surprised UKIP officials: “The UK Independence Party has made huge electoral gains and declared itself the ‘official Read more […]

Why the Left hates voter I.D. laws

Barack Obama cast his vote for the presidency on Thursday, becoming the first president to exercise his early voting right. This wouldn’t really be newsworthy if it weren’t for this little tidbit of information: in order to cast his vote, president Obama had to provide his photo identification to a voting official. We live in a world that requires photo I.D. to do practically everything; buying movie tickets, signing up for college classes, getting a job, buying a car, buying a house, and a million Read more […]