National Popular Vote (NPV) Compact Over Halfway There

New York is the latest state to climb aboard the National Popular Vote (NPV) bandwagon that would effectively destroy the original purpose of the Electoral College. The NPV compact is an agreement between the Electoral Colleges of different states to grant their votes to the presidential candidate who wins the national, not state-wide, popular vote. There are many people that do not recognize how important this subtle shift actually is. So let me break it down for you. The Electoral College Read more […]

Post-Election Figures Show Real Condition of America’s People

In the short span of time since the election earlier this month new figures have been released on the condition of America’s people that paint a darker and bleaker picture than what we already knew to be real. It’s no surprise that the real figures were hidden and delayed from the general public until after the election in an obvious attempt to protect Barack Obama. One report that was delayed until after the election was recently issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the amount of people Read more […]

Why You Should Vote But NOT for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard say that they are going to vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson or perhaps not vote at all.  Like so many others, I usually respond that any of those three choices is the same as casting a vote for Barack Obama.  I also tell them that thousands of Americans have sacrificed life and limb to secure their privilege to vote. Generally my words fall on deaf ears.  But if you are one of these that refuse to vote for Romney or Obama because of your principles Read more […]

I’m a Liberal Democrat Because My Dad Worked In a Coal Mine!

This past weekend, I was shopping for a new sump pump and went to a couple local hardware stores.  At one of those stores, I got into a conversion with the salesman.  He told me that he only worked part time since retiring ten years earlier.  I told him I never wanted to retire as I am still tired and all I want is to get untired, not retired.  He chuckled and then asked what I do. When I told him that I write for politically conservative websites, he quickly told me that he was a liberal democrat.  Read more […]