Liberal Columnist: Ambassador Chris Stevens Wasn’t Murdered; He Died of Smoke Inhalation

And the 3,000 Americans in the 2001 terrorist attack in New York weren’t murdered either. They mostly died of smoke inhalation as well or blunt force trauma. And JFK wasn’t murdered either. He just happened to get in the way of a couple speeding projectiles. (Or was it just one?) So here’s Eleanor Clift with The Daily Beast, commenting on the Benghazi incident, something she probably views as a non-scandal, a non-event: I don’t think we’ll ever be allowed to get to the bottom Read more […]

What We’re Reading July 2, 2013

Need your daily fix of what’s happening around the world? Well don’t you worry, you’ve come to the right place – here’s what we’re reading today July 2, 2013. The folks at Political Outcast want to let us know that Marco Rubio is no RINO. That may be a subject that is open for debate… A Catholic monk was beheaded by rebels in Syria… to a chorus of cheers. These are our allies folks. Edward Snowden is talking again… Uh-oh… Clinton crushes Rubio among prospective Read more […]