Education Needs More Parental Involvement & Less Government Intrusion Says State Sen

Does the name Elbert Guillory ring a bell with anyone? Guillory was a black Democratic lawyer who was first elected to the Louisiana State House of Representatives in 2007. In 2009, he ran for the state senate and won. On May 31, 2013, he boldly stood up and declared that he was switching his party affiliation to the Republican Party because it was the political party of freedom and the Democratic Party was the party of the big government form of slavery. He recorded a video speech that explained Read more […]

Louisiana Democrat Switches Parties

Representative Elbert Guillory recently switched Party affiliation from Democrat to Republican, and as is true whenever a politician switches parties, it’s struck a little chord of controversy. Representative Guillory made a short but emotionally charged video to explain why he was switching parties and to encourage others in the black community to do the same. In the short production Representative Guillory uses a multi-pronged approach to try to explain why he has chosen to make this move Read more […]