MSNBC Host Eric Dyson says Obama and Holder would be “Great Choices” for the Supreme Court

Guest host on MSNBC’s the Ed Show, Michael Eric Dyson, took time to tell his audience that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder would be perfect for the Supreme Court. Blech. I just threw up a little in my mouth. “But both of them would be great choices.”  Read more […]

Ed Schultz: “Obama Is Exactly Right To Take Action Without Congress”

Then what’s the point of having a Congress at all? What’s the point of having a judicial branch? All these different branches (somewhat) hinder Obama from being the benevolent dictator that he rightfully wants to be. Then, maybe he’d actually get things done. One of Obama’s head cheerleaders Ed Schultz, on the most watched TV show in the nation, said that he hoped Obama wouldn’t pull any punches in his State of the Union address; that he wouldn’t say anything about wanting to “work Read more […]

Ed Schultz Says Civilians Have Never Stopped A Mass Shooting

The ability of Liberals to deny basic facts is often mind-boggling. It has gotten to the point that those who are employed by the likes of MSNBC and The New York Times are no longer remotely credible in anything they say. They could be reading the lunch menu, and I wouldn’t believe them. Once again, MSNBC is lying in pursuit of the “truth.” According to Ed Schultz, of MSNBC, never has a shooting been stopped by a civilian. According to Schultz: “Would it be a deterrent if, you know, say perpetrators Read more […]

Armed Protection For Democrats, But Not For Schoolchildren

After Jared Loughner killed six people and injured fourteen others with a gun in Arizona at the beginning of 2011, liberals demanded to know why Sarah Palin, on whose shoulders they placed the blame for the massacre, would not weigh in on the issue. Her silence was outrageous. Then something like a week later Palin did voice her opinion on the matter, and those very same outraged Democrats became outraged again. “Why is she sticking her nose in the matter,” they demanded. Now, in the aftermath Read more […]

Obama Finally Invites Al Sharpton to White House to Discuss His Taxes

Wow, I was wondering when President Obama was finally going to call Reverend Al in to talk about his taxes after all Sharpton owes somewhere between $2.5 and $3.7 million in unpaid taxes. Not to mention the unpaid payroll tax bill of $880,000 his National Action Network owes the U.S. Government. Oh….. The meeting wasn’t about Al’s taxes, it was about our taxes. Dang! Hmmm…..So much for the one percent paying their fair share. It seems that the Obama administration is once again building Read more […]