MA Senator Pushing Personalized Trigger Safety for All Handguns

When anti-gun politicians realize they can’t get rid of our guns, they turn to other measures to make them harder to use.  Some states require guns to have trigger locks on them and to be stored in a locked gun safe.  I’ve always contended that this makes guns completely useless for home protection.  Can you imagine trying to convince an intruder to stand there and wait while you unlock the gun safe, unlock the trigger lock and then load and cock your gun?  By that time you’re dead. Now, Read more […]

What We’re Reading June 26, 2013

  There’s so much stuff out on the web how could you ever find the really good stuff? No worries, we here at the Last Resistance are ready, willing and able to do the searching for you. Here’s what we’re reading today, June 26, 2013.     There is growing disquiet in China as another riot sees lives lost and anger with the local police.   The state of Texas is in the headlines for defending conservative principles again. Texas is looking better and Read more […]