Reporter Wonders how White has “Moral Authority” when Using Drones

Ouch. The Obama administration came down on the side of Senate Democrats when they released the so called “torture report,” that sought to bring shame down upon our intelligence agencies (specifically the CIA). The Democrats feigned outrage at the methods used by the CIA to wring information from captured terrorists… but as Josh Earnest points out how can Democrats pretend to be outraged when they have no problem killing the same terrorists (and many innocents) with drones!? (This does bring Read more […]

White House Can’t Understand why Race Relations are Worse Now than Before

Foxx News’ Ed Henry stumped White House spokesman Josh Earnest when he asked how the White House felt about the news that a recent poll found that race relations were worse under President Obama than before. In fact, Henry’s questions even force Earnest to disagree (though he might not agree with this characterization) with his boss, President Obama, about race in America. (Obama recently made the argument that racism is “deeply rooted” in our nation’s history and culture.)   Ed Read more […]

Reporters Make Fun of John McCain on Mic

Watch as NBC’s Chuck Todd and Fox News’ Ed Henry, seasoned reporters, make fun of Senator John McCain while on a hot mic. Todd: Did anyone check John McCain? Is he okay, now that David Petraeus came out against…I’ve got to think McCain must have had heart palpitations. Pretending to quote McCain Todd said, “Oh no. I bet the Obama administration had something on him…” Henry: What’s funny is that McCain was on our air an hour ago saying we should send Petraeus to Iraq. But Read more […]