Ecuador Wants Government Controlled Press; US Not Far Behind

“Good and Evil are opposite points on a circle…Greater good is just halfway back to Bad.” – Sheri Holman How does corruption go unseen until it’s too late to be challenged? It’s a historically verified problem that darkness gets the jump on us every time. Was there ever a time during the preamble to the formation of a dictatorship when people began to worry? If so, were those people summarily dismissed as crazy? Were they told that their worry was unjustified? Were they called hateful because Read more […]

Obama Refuses to Extradite Brothers Who Raised Thousands in Campaign Donations

In the 1990s, Roberto Isaias served as the President of Filanbanco in Quito, Ecuador.  His brother William was the Vice President of the bank which was at the center of the financial collapse that rocked the South American country.  Filanbanco was one of 30 banks that collapsed between 1998-99.  The financial disaster ended up costing the Ecuadorian taxpayers over $8 billion. When the Ecuadorian government began investigating what happened, they discovered that the Isaias brothers falsified Read more […]

Wanted In The US: Ecuadorian Courage

As the saga of Edward Snowden Wanted: Dead Or Alive continues in the media, it has been amazing to see how other people act in comparison to our American rulers. I don’t know much about Ecuador. Frankly, I doubt I would consider its government a stellar example of how justice should be enforced and respected. Perhaps I am completely wrong, but that would be my guess at this point. I’ve heard people put down Ecuador, saying that it was hardly a bastion of journalistic freedom. They say this Read more […]