Saturday Night Live Roasts Obama for his Ebola Mess!

Saturday Night Live hasn’t spent much time mocking President Obama over the last six years – maybe it’s time to make up for that? In this past weekend’s episode SNL began with a mock Obama press conference announcing new Ebola czar Ron Klain. The entire segment is pure gold – but the first minute is what you’ve been waiting to hear from SNL.

Fish and Wildlife Service: Global Warming to Blame for Ebola

It was only a matter of time before someone blamed Ebola on global warming. They’ve already blamed Ebola on the White Man and the GOP. Now, it’s global warming’s turn. If it’s global warming’s turn, then by extension, it’s the GOP’s fault and the fault of white conservative men, since they’re all the ones who are causing global warming. According to CNS News: “The larger conservation connection, however, is perhaps less obvious: Ebola appears to be a direct consequence of deforestation Read more […]

Liberal Group: Ebola Deaths are GOP’s Fault

An ad put out by a liberal group called Agenda Project Action Fund blames the GOP for the Ebola outbreak and the subsequent Ebola deaths. If it hadn’t been for the GOP’s “shutting down the government” and enforcing “sequestration,” there wouldn’t be an Ebola problem today. It’s all because conservatives want to cut wasteful government spending that people have died from the Ebola virus. If the government had been able to spend as much money as possible in whatever way it wanted, Read more […]

Democrat Candidate Refusing to Admit Voting for Obama

Democrat candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes, who is running in Kentucky against Mitch McConnell, gifted the blogosphere with an obvious bit of sidestepping when she absolutely refused to answer whether or not she voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012. It was pretty awesome actually. You can see video of it here. She tried to avoid the question at first by saying she had endorsed Hillary Clinton in the primary. Then she tried just talking over the question when it was asked again. Then she mentioned Read more […]

Thanks To Political Correctness, We May All Get Ebola!

“Political correctness is a poison to our security and defenses. It imposes a willful blindness…” – Pete Hegseth Generally speaking, political correctness is nothing more than a nuisance we must tolerate from the left. It’s something we are forced to listen to when we sit in our English 101 classes, or when we watch CNN at the gym (because God forbid they play Fox—I’m looking at you, Planet Fitness), but rarely does it cause physical damage. Yes, political correctness can, and has, caused some Read more […]