Conservative Senate Bill Bans “Gun Free Zones” for Military!

Finally some semblance of logic and reason comes to Washington, D.C. On the heels of the latest Muslim terrorist attack on our military service members, conservatives in the Senate have finally pushed through a new bill that would address “gun free zones” in military spaces.   A new Senate bill would address the gun-free zones that many critics blame for worsening a string of shootings against domestic military targets, most recently the Chattanooga shooting which cost the lives Read more […]

Can A Pro-Lifer Justify Nuking Iran?

Jack Hunter wrote a piece for the Daily Caller entitled “You Can’t be Pro-Life and Want to Nuke Iran.” At one time, I probably would have gotten angry by that headline for the same reason that I’d be irritated if a liberal said that it was hypocritical of me to claim to be pro-life but be in favor of the death penalty. Being pro-life doesn’t mean standing up for the “rights” of murderers and rapists. Those criminals (after they’ve been given a fair trial and have been convicted Read more […]