Duke University Students: White People “Held the Church Door Open for the Charleston Shooter”

A group of Duke University students penned an editorial in which they posited that Dylann Roof didn’t act alone in his murderous rampage at a Black church in Charleston. White privilege, and by extension, every white American played a part and even “held the church door open” for Roof. Here’s a choice snippet: Being white does not mean that you owned slaves. It does not mean that you bought a house with the G.I. Bill. It does not mean that you benefitted from welfare. But, the minute you Read more […]

Duke Reverses Plan for Campus Wide Muslim Prayer Call after Massive Backlash!

Duke University has announced that they have cancelled their plan to allow an Islamic call to prayer to be broadcast across their campus from the bell tower of their campus chapel. The call to prayer would have been heard by all within earshot of the campus and would have been a slap in the face to the Christians who founded Duke and those who donated the money to have the Christian chapel built. Now the University has cancelled the plan for the call to be issued across the campus but they are Read more […]

Duke University will Broadcast Muslim Prayers Across Campus!

The folks at Duke University have decided to defile some 180 years of history. The formerly Christian University has chosen to mock the God that their founders loved by broadcasting Muslim prayers across their campus.   As part of a bid to promote religious pluralism on campus, students at Duke University will be hearing something new on Friday afternoons: An Islamic prayer call. The Islamic call to prayer, known as the adhan or azan, is typically issued five times a day from the Read more […]

Love, Tolerance, and Parenting a Duke University Pornstar

The biggest news story in America (this week) is that of the female Duke student who pays for her tuition by acting in porn videos using the name Belle Knox. Her father recently came back from a tour in Afghanistan as a doctor in the US Army and discovered the wonderful surprise that his daughter is a whore. Miss Knox’s sister-in-law (her brother’s wife) got in on the media action and said that Knox’s father and mother were devastated and disappointed, but that they still supported their daughter Read more […]