Former Sheriff Who Pushed for Civil Forfeiture Ordinance Now the Target of Civil Forfeiture; Doesn’t Agree With the Law Anymore

The idea behind asset forfeiture is if someone was using a piece of property to carry out a crime, that piece of property is subject to seizure. For example, law enforcement could seize a car that was used to transport illegal drugs, sell it and keep the proceeds. I was behind a cop SUV not too long ago that had a bumper sticker on the back that read:  “This car paid for with drug money.” The drug money was seized under asset forfeiture. According to a New Mexico DWI lawyer’s website: If Read more […]

Cop Breaks Woman’s Face for No Reason

A 47-year-old Chicago mother of two admits to having drunk a little too much one night. That’s why she decided to stop driving and pull over to the side to sleep it off. But all a Skokie (a Chicago suburb) cop saw was bait. An arrest. Maybe he was working on surpassing his quota. So, Officer Michael Hart decided to arrest Cassandra Feuerstein for DUI even though she wasn’t even driving. She was doing the responsible thing by not driving. Nevertheless, Feuerstein was compliant. At the police Read more […]