Cop Harasses Elderly Couple for Having Tinted Windows

While the police department acknowledges that their deputy may have gone too far with this particular innocent elderly couple, one of whom has cancer, nothing’s going to happen to the cop who assumed that the couple must have been drug traffickers, all because they had tinted windows in their Toyota. The cop who pulled over this North Carolina couple, who were driving back home through Georgia after having spent some time with family in Texas, usually works in the narcotics division for the Read more […]

States With Legal Marijuana Have Far Lower Painkiller Drug Fatalities

Maybe legal painkiller drugs should be prohibited… This is only one facet that explains why there’s such an aversion to ending marijuana prohibition. Big Pharma is a massive lobbying force in Washington and throughout the states that has a vested interest in keeping marijuana illegal. It’s not because of “safety” or anything like that. Just look at these statistics from the CDC about legal prescription drug-related deaths in the U.S.: Drug overdose was the leading cause of injury Read more […]

Uh-Oh, SpaghettiOs: Woman Jailed for Possession of Spoon

I’m not even joking about the woman jailed and the reason for it. The spoon in question actually had old, dried SpaghettiOs on it. I know, gross. But hardly illegal. Ashley Gabrielle Huff, a 23-year-old from Commerce, Georgia, was in the passenger seat of a car when the driver was pulled over at a routine traffic stop by Gainesville Police. The details of the stop are unknown. But what we do know is that the cop located the suspicious piece of cutlery in the car, near Huff. He presumed it must Read more […]

Woman Jailed for Buying 2 Boxes of Sudafed at the Grocery Store

It was July of 2010, and Florida resident Mickey Lynn Goodson’s allergies were flaring up again. The pharmacist at her local Winn-Dixie suggested that she buy a couple boxes of Sudafed. Little did she know, however, that while Sudafed is perfectly legal and is widely available over the counter in any grocery store, if you dare buy more than one box, even if that was what was recommended by the pharmacist, that means you’re obviously trying to manufacture meth at home, which is illegal. She Read more […]

New Marijuana Laws Are Racist Or Something

The legalization of marijuana has become a retardedly major issue in this country of degenerates, with even our former-pothead current President recently saying in an interview, “Meh, weed ain’t a big deal; choom it up, gang!” Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational pot use (which is the same as medicinal pot use, but without the bogus excuses), and other states are now talking about doing the same. Opponents of legalization worry about the overall effect it will have on society—will Read more […]

U.S. Maintains Presence In Afghanistan To Facilitate Opium Trafficking

It kind of makes you wonder what we’ve really been doing in the Middle East all these years. Most of the people that our government blamed for 9/11 are either dead or captured. Yet our wars and involvement there continue. Since Obama’s been in office, our troop presence in Afghanistan has increased from a little over 32,000 in 2009 to as high as 98,000 in 2010. CNS News pointed out that as of October of this year, there are still about 60,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan. While our troop Read more […]

Cop Searches Driver’s Car, Because He Was Acting “Too Polite”

You just can’t win. If you invoke your 4th and 5th Amendment rights with a cop who’s stopped you for whatever reason, that’s “suspicious.” The cop will claim that you must be hiding something. Why else would you not agree to answer his random interrogations? If you’ve done nothing wrong, you should have nothing to hide, right? But if you decide to comply completely and politely, that’s also “suspicious.” “Hmm. He’s being really compliant. I bet he’s hiding something.” Read more […]

Man Arrested, Charged with Felony for Having Secret Compartment in His Truck

The government is trying to eliminate all means of privacy in its citizens. They want surveillance cameras on us at all times. They want to be able to track our locations. They want to monitor our internet usage, read our e-mails, and listen in on our phone conversations. They want to be able to give us full body cavity searches for the most minor traffic code violations. Any excuse they can think of to violate our privacy. No secrets allowed. Unless you work for the government, in which case Read more […]

Man Forgets To Use His Blinker, Receives Anal Cavity Search

If you’re in need of a colonoscopy or rectal exam, there are some different ways to go about receiving those procedures. You could either do what most people do and call the doctor to schedule the exam. Or you could do what a couple New Mexico men did and commit a miniscule traffic code violation. You know, like rolling slowly through a stop sign or failing to put your turn signal on. We’ve already reported on David Eckert who received a full colorectal exam, including abdominal x-rays, three Read more […]

Police Murder 80-Year-Old Over Meth Suspicions; No Meth Found

Police have a penchant for smelling things that aren’t there. This is why we’re often advised not to roll our car window down all the way at a traffic stop. Leave it cracked just enough so that you can hear the officer, he can hear you, and documentation can be passed back and forth. When it’s rolled all the way down, that gives the officer room to smell inside your car and claim that he “smells marijuana,” in which case he has to search your car for other drugs and weapons. So, you sit Read more […]

How Governments and Corporations Get High Off the Drug War

Colorado and Washington just passed ballot initiatives that make marijuana legal for recreational use. The Feds however still think it’s illegal because they believe they should be able to dictate to states what their laws should be. Individual state laws are fine as long as they are consistent with what the Federal government wants. At least that’s the impression we get. States can’t outlaw abortion without the Feds getting involved and declaring such a law unconstitutional. States can’t Read more […]