Why Drug Screening Welfare Recipients Doesn’t Work

Scott Walker has recently come under fire for proposing drug screening procedures for potential recipients of public assistance. His critics claim that similar drug screening measures in other states don’t work. And all the bleeding hearts claim drug screening is insulting to the poor. But setting aside stereotypes and leftist rhetoric, let’s take a look at why drug screening really doesn’t do much good. First, most drug screening programs don’t administer actual drug tests unless the Read more […]

Tennessee is Drug Testing Welfare Recipients and This is What They Found Out

The state of Tennessee has started drug testing welfare recipients in an effort to curb the amount of state and federal money going to the purchase and use of illegal drugs. But so far, they have turned up almost nothing. A recent article in Think Progress explains that the drug testing has proven that less than two percent of welfare users are on drugs (that’s way under the statewide 8 percent average). See, Republicans… you’re wasting money trying to reinforce your welfare-slashing narrative. Read more […]