Why Drug Screening Welfare Recipients Doesn’t Work

Scott Walker has recently come under fire for proposing drug screening procedures for potential recipients of public assistance. His critics claim that similar drug screening measures in other states don’t work. And all the bleeding hearts claim drug screening is insulting to the poor. But setting aside stereotypes and leftist rhetoric, let’s take a look at why drug screening really doesn’t do much good. First, most drug screening programs don’t administer actual drug tests unless the Read more […]

Drug Screening: Can Liberals Act Logically?

Context is an interesting thing; it can take a beautiful smile, and transform it into a sinister smirk. Context can make one action look like white, when it is actually black; turn something seemingly good into something bad; and force people to think beyond their usual limits. Context is extremely useful in politics; it provides a framework that makes people understand issues in a particular way. When taken out of context, issues become something more than just a political position; they become Read more […]

Hey Texas, It’s Not the Drugs; It’s the Pregnancies

Texas Governor, Rick Perry, has announced that the next State of Texas legislative session will attempt to make drug screening of welfare recipients mandatory in Texas. There is no doubt that drug use can lead to welfare dependency, however I would argue that increasing tax payer financial obligations by mandating drug screening for welfare recipients will have a minimal effect on reducing welfare rolls. Among the many drug screening methodologies (hair, saliva, blood and optical scanning) available Read more […]