Pro-NSA Dianne Feinstein Has Drone Look at Her Through Her Window; Now She Doesn’t Like Drones

Dianne Feinstein is perfectly fine with the NSA practices of spying and monitoring everyone’s electronic data. Mark Horne with Political Outcast brought this to light back in November: Sen. Feinstein put forth a bill designed to allow the NSA to monitor their calls. Sen. Feinstein wants the NSA to continue to collect the metadata of every phone call in the United States—that’s who you call, who calls you, the time and length of the conversation, and under the government’s interpretation, Read more […]

How Rutgers Went From Hating Torture To Loving Murder In One Simple Step

Tolerance in a two-way street. That little phrase is bandied about all the time by the fanatical Left whenever they feel like condemning a conservative for perceived intolerance. The Left frequently claims the mantle of tolerance, making themselves into modern deities. It is their alleged willingness to love all people, no matter their beliefs, that makes them such wonderful, compassionate people. Well, that’s their tag line, at least. The truth—as is often the case—is far from what the Left Read more […]

Jay Carney: Sorry, We’re Not Taking Any More Questions About Our Drone Strikes On Americans Policy

The Obama administration is tired of talking about their policy (or non-policy) of drone strikes on American citizens. I think it makes them a tad bit uncomfortable. They’d like it very much if people would just leave them alone about it and let them operate secretly in the comfort and privacy of their own drone command centers. Here’s Jay Carney on the subject: “This is not an open-ended process. This is a specific and unique accommodation in this circumstance. The fact is, when it comes Read more […]

Karzai To Obama: Don’t Drone Me, Bro!

It’s difficult to determine what is more disturbing on the topic of drone strikes: that they occur at all, or how little public outcry there has been. Their use has never been one that that has been publicly accepted and there has never been any real debate within either the current or the previous administrations. They just began and voters haven’t really shown any interest in making it an issue come election time. The New America Foundation estimates that nearly 300 non-combatant civilians Read more […]

We Can’t Afford to Ignore the Tyranny that Exists

Last weekend, the President warned Ohio State graduates to ignore those voices that are constantly warning of tyranny. Of course, as many have pointed out since then, that would mean (among other things) not reading any history books on the founding of America, which would reveal the fact that our nation’s Founders were even more leery of government over-reach than the vast majority of modern patriots. Not long ago, a friend recommended a book of mine on his Facebook page, only to have one of Read more […]

John McCain Needs To Go–Calls Paul & Cruz “Wackos”

Mark Twain famously said: “Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself.” There are “Republican” members of the House and Senate that I look at often. I look at their records, their speeches, and their general attitude, and I am appalled that they are still in Washington. Over the course of many years in office, one inevitably becomes entrenched in the grime of the political machine. Slowly but surely they sink, until you can no longer see them. There Read more […]

“Drone Me, Baby” Does America Love Obama Like A Battered Wife Would?

“Don’t worry, Baby. I promise I won’t hurt you.” Isn’t that the line an abusive husband uses on a self-destructive, love-hungry battered wife to convince her to let him back into the house where he can have power over her? She knows he can hurt her but she depends on his promise. I’m beginning to think there is no other way to understand how the American people can be so infatuated with the President except by the analogy of a woman who falls in love with men who despise her and Read more […]

Without Faith We Are Exiled To Coward Nation

Last Saturday at a flea market in Portsmouth, VA, the police found some man who had some outstanding warrants. When they approached, he managed to barricade himself in a bathroom. Nothing in the story mentions a weapon or suspicion that he might have a weapon of any kind. Nevertheless, the nearby Portsmouth campus of Tidewater Community College “was put on lockdown as a precaution and the ramp from I-264 to Victory Blvd was closed to traffic.” Friday morning, at L. C. Mohr High School, in Read more […]

No Drones! US City Fights Against The Machines

By itself, this resolution is only a small beginning. But we can hope and pray and lobby in our towns so that more and more cities pass their own similar resolutions against drones. US News reports: “Charlottesville, Va., has become the first city in the United States to formally pass an anti-drone resolution. The resolution, passed Monday, ‘calls on the United States Congress and the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia to adopt legislation prohibiting information obtained from Read more […]

Pakistani Makers of US Flags Set to Prosper From Obama Re-election

Perhaps one of the few industries that see Obama’s re-election in a positive light is the flag making industry in Pakistan.  More specifically, the makers of US flags, but not for the reason you would expect. Under the Obama administration, there has been a steady increase in the number of drone surveillance and attacks over Pakistan boundaries.  With each new drone intrusion, anti-US protests erupt throughout the country.  If the drone mission involves a strike against Al Qaeda or Taliban Read more […]