The Public Authority Exception and the “War” on Terror

In 2010, Anwar al-Awlaki, an apparent member of Al-Qaida, was killed by an authorized drone strike in Yemen. Another man, Samir Khan, also died in that drone strike, though he had not been targeted. This particular drone strike caused quite an uproar in the legal community. Because both of the men killed were actually US citizens. Weren’t they entitled to a trial? But a federal court of appeals signed off on the killings, so apparently the Department of Justice was satisfied that al-Awlaki needed Read more […]

New Law Gives Executive Drone Policy Effective Immunity

The Senate has removed a provision from its most recent intelligence bill on drone policy that would have required Obama to publicly disclose injuries and deaths from drone strikes. So Obama now has free reign to kill as many people as he wants with drone strikes, and there is almost no way to keep him accountable. If we don’t have drone information from our own government, where can we go to get it? The Obama administration knows it can discount reports from other countries as “exaggerated.” Read more […]