Video: Reporter Booted Out of Black Lives Matter Rally for Being White

A White reporter was kicked out of a “blacks only” event that allegedly wanted to raise awareness of racism. In Ohio, Black Lives Matter activists got together for a 3-day conference at Cleveland State University, demonstrating against what they see as systemic racism in the law enforcement community. The rally was mostly peaceful, but there were some tense moments that could have easily erupted into a riot. On Sunday, protesters witnessed a black teenage boy being arrested by a white Cleveland Read more […]

Cop “Accidentally” Decapitates Army Veteran, Flees the Scene

A Tampa, Florida cop was apparently on his way to a robbery scene while driving an unmarked car, and he ran over a man, decapitating him. The cop didn’t stop to render any aid to the man. He just kept on driving as if nothing happened. 60-year-old William Dale McIntire, an Army veteran, had just left a bar when he got hit by the cop. Fellow bar patrons told authorities that McIntire was of sober mind, and he could walk just fine. After he was hit and killed, police notified McIntire’s son Read more […]

Judd Apatow Laments ‘Big Money’ in Politics Without a Hint of Irony

I’ve often wondered how the perception came about that liberals are the only ones who care about people. It’s certainly not true that liberals have a monopoly on caring, but people seem to think that conservatives are fat, greedy pigs, and liberals are altruistic angels. Then Hollywood producer Judd Apatow went on Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect” and I got a clearer picture. When asked by Mark Halperin about money in politics, Apatow said: “Well, I just think it’s ridiculous that anybody Read more […]

“Educated” ESPN Reporter Mocks “Trailer-Trash” Parking Lot Attendant

Britt McHenry is a blonde bimbo who reads off a teleprompter for ESPN. Yeah, I know. I haven’t heard of her either. But apparently she’s super important and better than everyone else, because she’s fit and blonde and makes more money than other people. Oh, and she’s “college-educated,” which is why she can read a sports script in front of a camera. Surveillance footage surfaced of this super important and amazing person belittling a tow truck employee, saying things like, “Maybe Read more […]

Sheila Jackson Lee: We’ve Lived Under the Constitution for “Some 400 Years”

This is somewhere along the lines of Cory Booker’s claiming that he drove to Hawaii or Obama lamenting that he’s had to travel to 57 states. Or Hank Johnson worrying that Guam was going to tip over if it had to many troops stationed there (he later claimed to have been joking). Sheila Jackson Lee seems to think that we’ve lived under the U.S. Constitution for 400 years. We have lived under it for a long time, but not that long. Here’s what she said on the House floor: “Maybe I should Read more […]

How Rutgers Went From Hating Torture To Loving Murder In One Simple Step

Tolerance in a two-way street. That little phrase is bandied about all the time by the fanatical Left whenever they feel like condemning a conservative for perceived intolerance. The Left frequently claims the mantle of tolerance, making themselves into modern deities. It is their alleged willingness to love all people, no matter their beliefs, that makes them such wonderful, compassionate people. Well, that’s their tag line, at least. The truth—as is often the case—is far from what the Left Read more […]

You Can Say F*g If You’re Liberal!

A hypocrite is one who looks in the mirror and becomes offended. We are all hypocrites in one way or another—that’s not the essence of what I cannot stand. What irks me is the hypocrite who cannot see their own hypocrisy. The type of turnaround that gets the most press is the Liberal one. Every day, Liberals in the public eye create rules that only apply to those with whom they disagree. If we break one of these precious rules, we are flogged. But if a Liberal steps over the line, it’s just Read more […]

Police Helped Dianne Feinstein Break D.C. Gun Laws And Get Away With It

They say that gun control laws penalize only the innocent, law-abiding citizen, and by definition, don’t apply to criminals. Just ask Aaron Alexis. Apparently, they also don’t apply to the liberals in Washington who are responsible for creating these restrictive laws and molding people’s opinions on gun control. Just ask David Gregory. He is the NBC host on Meet the Press who brought a 30-round AR-15 magazine into his studio. Nothing happened to him. So much for “no tolerance.” You Read more […]

Why Is Black-On-White Violence Not A “Hate Crime”?

For the record, I don’t like the idea of a “hate crime.” I don’t think the penalty for murder or assault or battery should be worse just because it was revealed that the attacker did it for racial reasons. Motive is important and often necessary in investigating who committed the crime. But the motive itself should have nothing to do with the punishment (save for self-defense). Just because a white racist murders a black person out of pure racial hatred doesn’t mean he should receive a Read more […]

Teen Torn Apart By Teachers for Being Conservative Fights Back!

Benjamin Disraeli said: “Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke.” Bullying comes in many forms, and has ignited a national conversation with recent incidents of bullied teens committing suicide. The media constantly focuses on incidents against minority, overweight, and gay teens. All of these incidents are awful in their own ways; people shouldn’t be tormented, no matter who they are. But something the media never mentions is bullying against Conservative teens. It happens often in college, where Read more […]

Deviancy Trumps Conscience: Company Caves to Gay Demands

Another day, another tale of liberal fascism and bullying coming from the radical gay community. AlandChuck Travel (ACT) is a travel agency whose motto touts that they are “America’s #1 Gay Travel Specialist.” Apparently a “gay-travel specialist” is a job in modern, degenerate America. The company booked 1,000 passengers for its Drag Stars at Sea display of deviance with Carnival Cruise Lines. Upon ACT’s booking of the cruise, Carnival sent them an email with some basic rules regarding cross-dressing Read more […]

Phony Outrage and Embarrassment Over Obama’s Overseas Trip

As conservatives, we should not be ideological. We should assess situations separately, judging them on their own merit, not taking into account the political views of the people we judge (unless we’re judging those political views, of course). What I mean is that we should determine whether something truly is worth getting worked up over or whether our outrage is contrived just because it’s directed at a liberal. A good way to determine this is to switch the object of our ire with a conservative Read more […]