CNN Panel Explodes Over “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Lie, Almost Come to Blows!

  A CNN panel on Thursday night became very heated as panel members argued over the recent Department of Justice (DOJ) report which said that Michael Brown never raised his hands to submit to Officer Wilson. The report casts a dark shadow on protesters who have routinely attacked police, investigators and anyone wondering if there was a rush to judge Officer Wilson guilty of a crime. The now popular “Hand’s Up, Don’t Shoot” chant and protests have been proven to be based on a lie propagated Read more […]

Rabbi Boteach Demolishes Palestinian Terrorist Appeaser Rula Jebreal

The brilliant Rabbi Shmuley Boteach was on CNN to debate the terrorist appeaser Rula Jebreal…     Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Let’s be honest. To separate the anti-Semitism growing in France and in many other European countries, because Jews don’t feel comfortable in almost any place in Europe today, it cannot be separated from constant Islamic incitement. Now, I believe Islam is a great world religion. I think Rula [Jebreal] is portraying Islam the way it should be. Having Read more […]

Eric Garner’s Daughter says his Death is NOT a Racial Issue

How messed up is our media and our justice system when it takes the daughter of a dead man to be the rational voice in the media maelstrom? Eric Garner’s daughter, Erica, was on CNN Thursday when host Don Lemon asked her the question on everyone’s mind… was this about race? Erica Garner answered quickly, “This is not a black and white issue.” “I really doubt it. It was about the officer’s pride. It was about my father being 6’4″ and 350 pounds and he wants to be the top cop Read more […]

What the Bryan Singer and Bill Cosby Rape Accusers All Have in Common

A number of women have come forward recently to throw their rape accusations on what is quickly becoming the funeral pyre of Bill Cosby and his career. In the midst of this, some young men are also coming forward to testify that homosexual director Bryan Singer raped them or coerced them into sex. And there’s a common link between all the accusers. What do all the accusers have in common? They were all aspiring actors, actresses, or Hollywood professionals looking for a leg up from an already Read more […]

According to Don Lemon, an Automatic Weapon is …

There’s one consistent common factor uniting all gun control advocates. They usually don’t know very much about guns. Whether it’s “30 magazine clips” or the arbitrary definition of “assault weapons,” gun control advocates are regularly just wrong about guns. Don Lemon joined the ranks recently in spectacular fashion. According to Don Lemon, he actually bought an automatic weapon in Colorado around the time of the Aurora shootings. Which is odd, since automatic weapons were and are Read more […]

Racial Fear Keeps Obama Beautiful

“The words of truth are simple.” – Aeschylus What defines our biases is not how we think, or what we believe, but the way in which we disseminate information to others. Bias is not simply making your beliefs known to others, which is so often what people imagine. Bias is using your perspective as a weapon against others. Bias is the deliberate leaving out of information to skew the perspectives of others. Our media—as if this hasn’t been talked about a trillion times before—is severely Read more […]

Liberals Hate Minority Conservatives

Don Lemon is black, he also happens to be gay, and works as a news anchor and commentator for CNN. He would likely never be described as a conservative, but recently he defended Bill O’Reilly for some commentary he gave on the breakdown of the black community. In fact, Lemon said O’Reilly did not go far enough in his condemnation of the problems facing the black community. For that, Lemon has faced increasing fire from the Left, and he may now be experiencing what many conservatives of Read more […]

Liberal Slammed For Criticizing Black Community

Marcus Tullius Cicero said: “When you have no basis for an argument, abuse the plaintiff.” It is a rare joy indeed to watch the chaos set into motion when a Liberal makes public an opinion that differs from the standard Liberal talking points. There are certain parameters within which Liberals are meant to stay, comfortably and happily. If one strays outside those borders, even a little, they are denounced by the village elders in the harshest way possible. As fun as it is to watch, there Read more […]

Black CNN Anchor Calls Guest “Naive” Because He’s White

Rush Limbaugh said: “Everything about the left is perception, manipulation, and lies. Everything. Everything is ‘Wag the Dog.’ Everything is a structured deception.” Argumentation is a very delicate machine. For one to debate properly, one must not only have vast knowledge of the given subject, but they must also possess a calm, and reasoned demeanor. Once one moves outside rationality and a soft-spoken approach, they lose all credibility–even if they have great knowledge. In that same vein, Read more […]