Domino’s Delivery Driver Shoots, Kills Robber

No word from Domino’s yet as to whether this driver’s employment will be terminated for violation of their company’s policy. This driver carried a gun for obvious reasons. Pizza delivery drivers are prime targets for burglaries because of the amount of cash that they carry and the fact that many pizza chains and franchises have an explicit anti-firearm policy for their workers. They’d rather have a dead employee than risk any liability issues dealing with a dead or injured criminal or Read more […]

Armed Domino’s Employee Chases Off 3 Armed Robbers

The father of this Domino’s employee had been robbed at gunpoint at this particular Domino’s location in Arkansas. That incident led to the man’s daughter getting a gun for herself for protection at work. And good thing she did, because not long after her dad was robbed, three armed robbers came in shooting at people. The armed employee grabbed her gun and shot back, which sent the three hoodied bandits running out the restaurant. The Daily Caller reported: After Sarah Cherry’s father was Read more […]