Evolutionists Continue Their War on Science

Evolutionists have carefully manicured a grand pretense that most Americans rarely question: that the materialists in white lab coats are dedicated to neutrally observing the evidence and the facts without any ideological or religious prejudices to cloud their clear judgment. Ancillary to this pretense is the lie that Christian scientists, blinded by religious bias, cannot account for the facts and refuse to accept them. According to this grand lie, evolutionists are the true scientists, and creationists Read more […]

Stinking Fossils and Smelly Science

In the past few decades, there has been an increasing number of paleontological discoveries that challenge the evolutionary paradigm. But we haven’t heard about them. In fact, years of excuses and denials is starting to expose the ideological and metaphysical prejudice of the so-called empiricists who continue to cheer for the reigning dogma of macro-evolution in spite of mounting evidence against it. In 1993, Mary Schweitzer discovered blood cells in dinosaur fossils. That’s right—blood Read more […]