The Majority of Congress Members are Millionaires

Well, you can add another moniker to the list for everyone’s least favorite Congress of all time. We already have “Do-Nothing Congress.” Now, there’s “Congress of Millionaires.” That’s right. In a time when unemployment is worse than ever (having dipped unexpectedly in December) and economic times are tough for the majority of Americans, the majority of the people we elected to represent us are millionaires. According to TIME magazine: The Center for Responsive Politics analyzed the Read more […]

A Do-Nothing Congress Does Not Mean a Do-Nothing Government

I’ve got a little joke for you: If “pro-” is the opposite of “con-,” what is the opposite of “progress”? Anyway… if only every Congress were as unproductive as the 113th Congress has been. It has been so monumentally torpid that it is being dubbed “the Do-Nothing Congress.” The Washington Post reports: According to congressional records, there have been fewer than 60 public laws enacted in the first 11 months of this year, so below the previous low in legislative output that Read more […]