Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Don’t Trust the Media or the Government

This comes as no surprise. Who in the world would trust for-profit organizations like the national media and government to tell us anything other than what they think we want to hear? The government is supposed to act as our representatives who abide by the Constitution in making sure our freedoms and liberties are never abridged. And the media is supposed to act as sort of a watchdog on the government in making sure they are doing what they were elected to do. But are the government and media Read more […]

Why the Politicization of Racism will Kill Racism

Racism has become a political tool. Race-baiting is in fact the major method leftists use to get “the black vote,” but it is also one of the major means by which so-called conservatives motivate their mostly white base. It’s us versus them. But one rarely mentioned consequence of the politicization of racism is that it has inoculated the anti-political from racism. If you look at the statistics on racism, you’ll note that millennials are much less prone to racism than previous generations: . Read more […]