Disney Celebrates Its Most Profitable Year of All Time … By Replacing Long-Term Employees with Immigrant Workers

Disney owns Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. So it’s obviously crushing it these days. According to recent reports, its profits last year were $7.5 billion and its CEO Bob Iger was paid about $46 million. All of that is good and fine, even great. But Disney was apparently not satisfied. So they started replacing long-term employees by hiring immigrant workers with short-term H-1B work visas. And what’s worse, Disney had their soon-to-be-former full-time employees train their own replacements Read more […]

Tomorrowland: It’s Not Personal … It’s Just Programming

Tomorrowland is certainly different from pretty much any summer blockbuster ever. It has action, explosions, adventure, suspense, and all the other things you would expect. But it also has a defined, at times even heavy-handed, moral riptide. I use moral somewhat loosely, however. This is the Disney version of faith, hope, and love. And it has almost nothing at all to do with religion, narrowly defined. Strangely enough, in a movie this preachy, there isn’t even a single mention of Christians. Read more […]

White House Courts Disney to Sell Global Warming to Kids Using Cast of Frozen

For now, Disney is politely declining whatever the White House is offering in exchange for doing some kind of Frozen spin-off that aims to teach little kids about how polar bears are dying off because of conservative-induced global warming. Disney indicated that they’d rather stick to producing optimistic fantasy films instead of a gloom-and-doom one. Breitbart reported: Administration official Robert Papp, who has been the State Department’s special representative for the Arctic since July Read more […]

The War On Terror Catches & Jails $85 Debtor From 1991

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, in 1991 actually, an eighteen-year-old girl attempted to shoplift a pack of cigarettes in Florida. She got caught. She was given some non-penalty as a one-time offender but was supposed to pay $85 for “court costs.” I don’t think shoplifting is right. I’m not a fan of “court costs” over and above criminal penalties, because sometimes the cost is greater than the crime itself. (For example, the Bible would make a person who stole a pack of Read more […]