Is it Discrimination for Office Depot to Refuse to Make Copies of Pro-Life Flyer?

Office Depot initially stated that a pro-life flyer that a customer wanted to make copies of violated their policy, which prohibited “hate speech” and “graphic content.” Now, after the media had picked up the story, Office Depot decided that they could accommodate the customer after all, even though the customer found another business to serve her. The customer had claimed that this scenario showed that Office Depot discriminated against her because of her religious beliefs. The Blaze Read more […]

Men’s Barbershop Fined $750 for Not Cutting a Woman’s Hair

The men’s barbershop in Washington, Pennsylvania referred the woman elsewhere and even offered to pay for her haircut because of the inconvenience of not being able to serve her. Now, they’re getting slapped with a $750 fine by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs for gender discrimination. The Associated Press reported: [Barbiere] Owner John Interval tells the (Washington) Observer-Reporter the fine “infringes” on his shop’s environment. […] The female Read more […]

Social Media Outraged that Bakery Didn’t Turn Down Confederate Flag Cake Order

I’m confused. I thought turning down a customer’s order, regardless of the reason, was discrimination. It turns out, it all depends on the level and direction of political correctness. If a homosexual couple wants a cake for their wedding, any business that turns down their order should be forced to shut down, the owners fined excessively, and prosecuted for hate crimes and thrown in jail indefinitely. If someone wants a cake designed to resemble the Confederate Battle flag, any business that Read more […]

Using “Jesus Ate with Prostitutes” Argument to Shame Supporters of Religious Freedom

“Jesus regularly ate dinner with thieves and prostitutes, but you’re telling me it’s against your religion to bake a cake for a gay person?” I’ve seen this meme all over Facebook recently due in large part to the state of Indiana passing a “Religious Freedom Restoration” law. There are numerous other states that have similar laws on the books, but Indiana’s seems to be getting incredible scrutiny. I’ve seen and heard the ubiquitous words “bigoted,” “backwards,” and “anti-gay” thrown around frequently Read more […]

Abortion Ban for Gender & Disability. What about the Rest?

Celebrating a new abortion ban means forgetting about all the other abortions that are taking place. According to “The Indiana Senate Health Committee today passed a pro-life bill to make it the next state to ban abortions on babies simply because they are diagnosed with Down syndrome. Senate Bill (SB) 334, abortion prohibition based on gender or disability, passed the Indiana Senate Health and Provider Services Committee. This bill will bar a person from doing an abortion if he Read more […]

Lifetime Ban on Gay Blood Donations to be Removed

The FDA is calling for the overturning of a ban on gay blood donations. If you ever were in a position where you needed a blood transfusion, would it okay with you if the blood came from a practicing homosexual? I think even a member of the far left in his most honest moment and time of need would balk at receiving such blood. Perhaps even a homosexual would as well. Even though there’s been a ban on homosexuals giving blood for over thirty years, the FDA is now calling for that ban to be Read more […]

Liberals File Lawsuit Because Police Fitness Test Passes More Men Than Women

“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” – Winston Churchill Our culture has become so terrified of gender distinction that we have gone out of our way to homogenize the differences between the sexes. Rather than celebrating the strength of our differences, we are condemning any and all distinction between men, and women. Much of this forced amalgamation is due to liberal philosophy. The funny thing is, the left harps on multiculturalism Read more […]

Grab the Popcorn for Alabama Showdown: Gay White Libs vs. Straight Black Libs has an amazing story involving two of the Left’s darling factions battling it out. A white professor is suing Alabama State University (ASU) over claims the historically black university discriminated against him and his partner based on their race and sexual orientation. What does a liberal do when faced with these options: support those whom they call “colored,” whom we have been indoctrinated to think of as historically the primary recipients of discrimination and as the pioneers Read more […]

Stanford Student Experiences Intolerance from Liberals Concerning Marriage Conference

Stanford University is a very well-known and highly respected University.  Their academic standards are higher than most universities.  The school is also known for trying to be a diverse campus that is open to many differing ideologies, however, that reputation is becoming rather tarnished. In her freshman year at Stanford, Judy Romea found the campus group known as the Stanford Anscombe Society, named after Elizabeth Anscombe, a British philosopher.  According to their website: “The Stanford Read more […]

All White Students Banned From College’s “Diversity Event”

Every thinking person discriminates in one form or another, though most people would rather be locked in a bathroom with a diarrhetic Oprah than admit they discriminate. Discrimination is just choosiness. Whether you’re being choosy based on baseless preconceptions about someone, based on your own personal observations of people like the person you’re discriminating against, or based on actual statistical data, it’s all discrimination and it’s all perfectly natural. It’s not a negative thing Read more […]

Arizona’s Religious Protection Bill Is A Good Idea, But Is It Dangerous?

“If people are informed they will do the right thing. It’s when they are not informed that they become hostages to prejudice.” – Charlayne Hunter Gault How do you know when a line has been crossed? What does it take to spark fear in your mind that what is being done is ill-conceived, or even misguided? Generally speaking, it is easy for me to make judgments based on my morals, which have been forged in the fire of the word of God. In most circumstances, I can discern the correct direction with Read more […]

Gov’t To Business Owners: “Your Opinions Are Wrong, Ours Are Enforceable”

The Huffington Post reports that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would band employers from discriminating against potential employees on the basis of sexual orientation or “gender identity,” could be coming up for a vote in the Senate any time now. The bill was introduced to the Senate back in April by Senator Jeff Merkley, of Oregon. He told HuffPo, “Americans understand that it’s time to make sure our LGBT friends and family are treated fairly and have the same opportunities. Read more […]