England Considering Ban On Kitchen Knives

The slippery slope is usually considered to be a fallacious type of argumentation. By invoking the slippery slope, you are essentially saying that if one thing occurs at the top of this metaphorical slope, you have no other option but to slide down further. That being said–though it is often categorized with other fallacious argumentation, like ad hominem–slippery slope actually is applicable to some things. For instance, consider the following story. According to The Inquisitor: “A West Read more […]

Shooting After Shooting–What Do We Have Left?

Yesterday was just like any other day, until I got a text from my brother-in-law. All it said was “27 people killed at an elementary school shooting in Connecticut; 18 were kids.” A familiar feeling came over me; the same feeling I had when I heard about the Colorado shooting, and the Amish shooting, and the sikh shooting. I felt heavy. What makes this so much more vile is the ages of the victims. What can be done about this? Every blogger in the world will be writing about this shooting today; Read more […]