Rising Disability Not Just A Democrat Problem

Generally speaking, any real problems that occur on a national level can be traced back to Liberal ideology. Just as that is true, I’m generally quick to jump right on the Liberal ideology bash-wagon. This is not without good reason, of course; but sometimes, the problem transcends simple definitions of Democrat and Republican. As we have seen time and time again, just because the letter R follows a name, it doesn’t mean that a Conservative heart follows as well. According to CBS News, the number Read more […]

Special Needs Male Student Strip Searched In Front of Female Faculty Member

Chicago Public Schools has a policy that states that: “Under no circumstances are strip searches of students allowed on CPS premises.” Their policy also states that washroom searchers are not allowed. But that did not stop school officials at Taft High School from pulling a fifteen year old male student out of the classroom, taking him to a bathroom, frisking him with his clothes on and then pulled his pants and underpants down below his knees and checked his genitals. The male student Read more […]