Man Charges Pastor with Brick; Pastor Responds With Glock

A Detroit man entered a storefront church about fifteen minutes after the service started and threatened the pastor with a brick. According to the pastor, he and this brick-wielder had a history. When the man came in, threatening the pastor with a brick in his hand, the pastor responded with a Glock and four or five shots. The man died at the hospital. As it turns out, the pastor may have not been so innocent. The man who threatened him with a brick wasn’t just any man. This man Deante Smith Read more […]

3 Armed Carjackers Descend on Woman; She Responds With 13 Rounds of Ammo

I know the first thing you’re probably wondering is whether any of them were carried from the crime scene in a body bag. I’m sorry to have to inform you that all three carjackers survived and are on the loose. However, I’m hoping that they were sufficiently scared by the woman’s actions that they’ll turn themselves in or at least decide to give up their life of crime. Fat chance that’ll happen though. This took place in Detroit, the city with a fairly new sheriff who’s had some very Read more […]

Being Armed Saved Me

On Friday, I posted Crimes Dropping Year after Detroit Police Chief Tells Citizens to Arm Themselves about how various crime rates have been dropping in Detroit as more citizens are arming themselves. One comment the article received was from an obvious gun hater who stated: “Another useless piece of gun propaganda.” If baffles my mind that so many liberals don’t believe that arming law abiding citizens will help protect them and reduce crime. This person who commented seems to be blind or Read more […]

Another Sheriff Advises Residents to Arm Themselves

In light of a recent spike in violent crime in rural Harnett County, North Carolina, the county sheriff advised residents to arm themselves and to “take care of business” before the police arrive. WRAL reported:  The [violent crime] incidents shocked residents in the small, rural county just south of Raleigh, prompting a community meeting and prayer service at Spring Hill United Methodist Church in Lillington on Monday. “We are participating in this service for peace because we love our community Read more […]

Detroit Police Chief Credits Gun Ownership for Drop in Crime

Detroit police chief James Craig wasn’t always crazy about gun ownership among the citizenry. He was your average gun control proponent when he worked for the LAPD for 28 years. He changed his mind in 2009 when he moved to Maine. Regarding his change of heart, he stated: “Coming from California, where it takes an act of Congress to get a concealed weapon permit, I got to Maine, where they give out lots of CCWs, and I had a stack of CCW permits I was denying; that was my orientation. I changed Read more […]

Teacher Fired for Trying to Break up Vicious Fight

We read stories all the time about fights that break out on school buses and how the driver doesn’t do anything to stop them. We often fault the driver for not stepping in to break up the fight, and perhaps with good reason, but understand that they’re under orders not to intervene. I’m not defending that ridiculous rule, but that’s usually why they don’t interfere with fights. They’re supposed to notify security. Of course, if you’re on the road in a school bus, there’s not a whole Read more […]

White Man Attacked by a Dozen Blacks. Hate Crime?

An article for CBS’s Detroit affiliate is headlined, “White Man Beaten By Mob In Detroit After Hitting Boy With Truck: Was It A Hate Crime?” I can answer that question before even reading about the incident: no, it was not a hate crime. How do I know this? Keep reading and I’ll tell you my secret. Video of the incident shows that an 11-year-old boy stepped off the curb without looking, walked right out in front of Steven Utash’s truck’s, causing Utash to hit him, whereupon Utash jumped out Read more […]

Detroit Sees Increase in Self-Defense Shootings and Decrease in Criminal Homicides

Detroit’s new police chief made headlines when he asserted his support for the 2nd Amendment. He argued that there are many cases where citizens don’t have time to call 911 and wait for a cop to show up; that in those cases, those citizens need to be armed for their own protection and make those split-second decisions themselves. He warned violent criminals to watch out for residents who have had all they can take. Already it appears that this police chief is seeing the fruit of his advice to Read more […]

Detroit Police Chief: Violent Criminals, Beware of Armed Residents

Detroit’s new Police Chief James Craig says what we all wish would be said by every other police officer in the country. He certainly doesn’t tow the line when it comes to gun control. He knows that when seconds count, the police are minutes away. In an interview with WDIV, he made it clear that there are going to be instances where there won’t be enough time to dial 911; that a resident will have to sometimes take lethal action against someone else in self-defense. He also put violent criminals Read more […]

What Happens When An Armed Robber Picks On The Wrong Pizza Driver

Pizza delivery drivers are obviously prime targets for criminals because of all the cash they carry. And they drive around at nighttime when criminals are most active. That pizza deliverers are disarmed as a condition of employment just makes the situation that much worse. Criminals depend on and expect their victims to be defenseless. They operate best in gun-free zones where citizens aren’t allowed to protect themselves with any kind of weapon. But every now and then, an employee breaks the Read more […]

Obamacare & Detroit: Ground Zero For Financial Sinkhole?

The Obama Administration has said the Federal Government isn’t going to bail out bankrupt Detroit. But thanks to Obamacare, they may already be committed to doing so. “The New York Times reported Monday that the city is proposing a plan aimed at reducing its $5.7 billion in outstanding retiree health costs. In short, they want to take those retirees too young to qualify for Medicare and send them into the ObamaCare insurance markets – which are scheduled to launch next year. Doing so would Read more […]

“Glock Block” Shows Us All What To Do When 911 Fails

What happens when no one answers your 911 call? Or what happens when you are pretty sure the person dispatched from 911 is a dangerous to you and yours as any threat you are facing? This happens: “Coy Tolonen, who lives in unincorporated Clackamas County, and a group of Jennings Lodge residents are responding to escalating crime in their neighborhood by posting fliers that read: ‘This is a Glock block. We don’t call 911.’ ‘We’re starting a new group,’ Tolonen said. ‘We don’t Read more […]