Was Obama’s Real Job to Destroy America’s Moral & Ethical Foundations?

It should be obvious to everyone that Barack Hussein Obama’s sudden rise to power had to be orchestrated by some very powerful and wealthy people.  We can speculate who some of them are, but needless to say, Obama was not capable of pulling off political victories on his own. So what was the purpose behind Obama’s push to power?  What was his real job that his puppet masters gave him? After five years in office, I believe that the real job the power tycoons gave Obama was to destroy the Read more […]

Obama Continues Quest To Destroy Small Businesses

With all of the problems associated with Obamacare and the failed rollout of the online signup program, President Obama has left small business owners in a paradox that could be very costly to them. In a move that Obama says will help small business owners; he delayed the launch of an online healthcare exchange for them for a year.  But like many private individuals, many small business owners are finding that their policies are being cancelled due to the requirements imposed by Obamacare.  Read more […]