Polls Show Democrats Losing Grip on Senate Control

Going into this year’s midterm elections, Republicans would have to win six seats from the Democrats in order to take control over the Senate. This is harder than you think since only about a third of the 100 senate seats are up for election. With barely a month to go before Americans head to the polls, it appeared that Democrats had actually started to gain some ground in many of the polls. However this past week has seen a marked change in those polls that are now swinging to the Republican Read more […]

Newspapers Across the Land Switching From Obama to Romney

In 2008, most newspapers readily endorsed then Senator Barack Obama.  Now a number of those same newspapers are abandoning their hero of four years ago and turning their endorsements to Republican Mitt Romney. Perhaps the largest coup of Romney’s new found friends is the Des Moines Register.  Iowa is one of the key swing states that both candidates have been actively courting.  The Des Moines Register is the largest newspaper in the Hawkeye state.  In 2008, Obama carried Iowa with a 54% Read more […]