The Endless Lie that Mass-Deportation is too Expensive

“Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies.” – Dorothy Allison Watching “The Kelly File” tonight, I was once again hit over the head by the endlessly repeated lie that the United States simply doesn’t have the financial resources to deport all the millions of illegal immigrants living in the United States. This time, the lie came from the mouth of Leslie Marshall—but it’s all the same. Set aside any argument regarding the ethics of illegal immigration, or what Read more […]

White House Defends Anti-Constitution Foreigner

British citizen Piers Morgan has been very vocal in his attacks of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Over the past month, he has repeatedly attacked the Second Amendment giving citizens the right bear arms. In response to his anti-American commentary that has pervaded his CNN news show, over 100,000 American citizens signed a petition demanding that Morgan be deported back to England because of his open subversion of our constitutional rights.  A minimum of 25,000 signatures is required Read more […]

Deported Criminals Return Illegally at Alarming Rate

There are hundreds of thousands of aliens crossing the US border illegally every year.  Less than half of them are ever detained and even fewer of the detainees are ever deported back to their home countries.  Working under President Obama’s orders most illegal aliens are rewarded for their felony actions and released back into our society where they steal jobs, food and medical benefits from US citizens and often ruin neighborhoods and property values. Supposedly, the government concentrates Read more […]