Obamacare Exchange Voter Registration Cards Pre-Marked Democratic Party

According to Brian Cook, who is with Medicare and Medicaid Services, all of the health exchanges are required to offer voter registration in compliance with the 1993 National Voter Registration Act.  But that doesn’t mean that when healthcare enrollees receive their voter registration applications that they are automatically marked as Democrats. Covered California had not automatically sent out voter registration cards to all of their enrollees until the middle of March.  They were threatened Read more […]

Obama’s Cloak Or Is It A Cult Of Ethnicity?

From the beginning of Obama’s historic Presidential campaign to the present day scandals that plague his second term, Barrack Hussein Obama has shamelessly used his mixed ethnicity for personal protection and political gain. Very few national political leaders have called the President’s supporters out for this tired and overused strategy employed when our black President gets in a legitimate legal jam. It’s time they start. These days America is more like a cult than a Republic. Today we Read more […]

Survey Shows Godlessness in Same Areas as Violent Crime and Democratic Voting

If you overlaid a map of the Democratic Party strongholds over a map of high crime and violence over a map of people who no longer read and believe the Bible, you would find that they are nearly identical. The red-blue maps from the 2012 and 2016 elections clearly indicate that most of America’s big cities tend to vote Democratic in the election.  The more rural areas remain Republican strongholds. When reviewing the locations of the highest rates of violent crimes per capita, you find that Read more […]

Obama’s Home State of Illinois Credit Rating Downgraded to Worst in Nation

Democrats have controlled much of Illinois and Chicago for the past ten years.  Barack Obama rose politically in the Illinois Democratic Party and shares many of the same ideologies that them.  The current mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel is Obama’s former Chief of Staff.  And if you want to get a glimpse of where the American economy is headed, just take a look at Obama’s political home state of Illinois. Just last week, Standard and Poor’s downgraded Illinois’ credit rating from A to Read more […]

Democrats Complaining Republicans Using Same Sleazy Tactics

It seems every election season reveals dirty and dirtier campaign ads and sleazy tactics, especially in the past 20-30 years. The Bush – Gore election of 2000 was, at the time, historic for political sleaze.  Democrat Al Gore ran some of the most unethical and filthy campaign ads ever run during a presidential election.  His lying, name calling and mudslinging was second to none at the time.  Like so many others, he knew he didn’t have a winning platform to run on so he stooped the lowest Read more […]