Armed Homeowner Shoots and Kills Armed Rapist

This armed rapist and robber got exactly what he deserved, and it’s all thanks to an armed homeowner who was protecting his neighbor. Breitbart recounted the story: According to WBRC 6, the 17-year-old and two other suspects allegedly broke into the home around 3 a.m. The teenager then allegedly raped the homeowner at gunpoint while the other two suspects “ransacked the home.” The two other suspects then reportedly left, but the 17-year-old stayed behind and allegedly beat the woman about Read more […]

Teen Suspended For Stopping Gun Violence

We live in a strange world; a world where someone doing something right can be punished; a world where stopping violence leads to unfortunate consequences. Ever since the spate of recent shootings, all gun related incidents are garnering huge attention. A student wearing a Marines tee shirt, with guns on it, was punished; a kindergartener with a toy gun gets severely punished; the most ridiculous and innocuous incidents are overreacted to. Now, we have yet another incident–in this case, someone Read more […]

Spare the Debt; Spoil the Child

Sit back smoke some dope and begin to become enlightened by the new breed of academics freshly empowered by the November 6 victory. Americans no longer have to be responsible for their lives. Christmas is coming and you are free to run up your credit card bills because the party of blame the other guy is just getting started. The Democrats victory earlier this month has empowered the arrogant liberal agenda. Liberals no longer have to spin their ideas. Anything and everything goes including our Read more […]