Argument For Raising Debt Ceiling Scarier Than Any Consequences Of Not Raising It.

The media and the Democrats are acting like the failure to raise the debt ceiling will result in catastrophe. Anyone who isn’t brain-dead knows that financial catastrophe is ahead no matter what we do, but the question is whether or not we will deal with it as rational people or if we will make it worse than it has to be. The President and the media, along with the global ruling class, have decided to make it worse. But what is more frightening than the hysterics about the alleged catastrophe Read more […]

Defaulting On The Debt Is Our Only Option

On Monday, while displaying his characteristic self-righteous indignation, the law professor turned community activist turned President told the American people that Republicans are solely responsible for “their” fiscal crisis and “they” will have to continue to spend “their” way out of “their” mess. Obama laid down the law during his press conference and demanded the power to explode our debt ceiling to service the American people that re-elected him last November. Or else. “We Read more […]