Hillary Clinton Approval Rating Still High! Why?

How can the Hillary Clinton approval rating remain high despite obvious and provable deceptive behavior? Stephen King wrote that “the trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool.” That is certainly correct. I would, however, amend that notion with regard to the field of politics. Not only is the trust of the innocent a grand tool used by lying politicians, but the collaboration between the left and the media has elevated that false trust by giving a more credible veneer. When the media—who Read more […]

Now That G H W Bush Participates In “Gay Marriage” Can Conservatives Leave The Dynasty Behind?

Here’s the truth that Fox News and the GOP keep dancing around: the Bush dynasty has no commitment to conservative values beyond what they think they need to do or say to acquire political power. Back in 2000, I and my wife actually prayed for George W. Bush because of the way liberals hated and reviled him during the Florida vote controversy. I was completely convinced that W had become more conservative than his father. But the truth can’t be hidden forever. In values and practices, the Read more […]

Obama Says We Don’t Need Bigger Government—We’ve Been Punk’d

Paul Samuelson said: “Politicians like to tell people what they want to hear – and what they want to hear is what won’t happen.” In other words, politicians lie, because they know that people will believe them. Unfortunately, even after thousands of years of politicians telling people what they want to hear; the people still beg to be told the same old lies. We don’t learn. In prime political fashion, Barack Obama–in his State of The Union–told the American people what they wanted to hear. “It’s Read more […]