The New Debtors Prison Dilemma

We have a new debtors prison for our times. It happens when poor people don’t have money for the numerous fines we all incur in our daily travels. Whether it is speeding tickets, fix-it tickets, expired tag tickets, seatbelt tickets, or the rest, the police are regularly handing out fines to citizens. But what happens when you don’t have money to pay those fines or the ability to go to court? Debtors prison, that’s what: “These aren’t violent criminals,” says Thomas Harvey, another of Read more […]

Debtors Prison Back in Vogue

I once languished in debtors prison. When I was about seventeen, I got strep throat something terrible. It got so bad I couldn’t swallow my own saliva without great pain. I was lying in my bed trying to recuperate when my father came to my door: “Son, the police are here for you.” “Huh? What for?” I croaked out. “I don’t know. They say they have a bench warrant for your arrest.” “Okay.” I got up and put on some clothes. Two officers were standing in the hallway. “Hi. Read more […]