New Report shows EPA Paid Employees $1 Million While on Leave – Sometimes for Years

Want to earn money while on vacation? Go work for the Environmental Protection Agency, which paid eight employees more than $1 million while they were on administrative leave, in some cases for years, according to a government watchdog report. The EPA’s inspector general found that “eight employees totaled 20,926 hours and cost the government an estimated $1,096,868” while on paid leave. Each employee “was on extended administrative leave for four or more months,” the IG reported, adding Read more […]

Can Republican Senators Repeal Obama’s Cap and Trade Rules?

By Michael Bastasch  Senate Republicans have writtenthe White House, urging President Obama to repeal his recently announced power plant rule that cajoles states into imposing cap-and-trade schemes on carbon dioxide emissions. Republicans say that Obama’s rule is “all pain, no gain” and would result in higher energy prices and huge job losses as coal-fired power plants and coal mines are shut down to comply with federal emissions reduction mandates. “Mostly, I’m concerned about the Read more […]

Why the Democrats are Scared Out of Their Minds

“The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force.” – Adolf Hitler It’s been said that rhetoric is the art of controlling the minds of men. Political rhetoric takes words and places them in just such a way as to make an idea appeal to the largest possible audience. It is vocabulary manipulation, and it is extremely effective. The Democrats have been using this strategy for as long as I can remember. Here’s the interesting part: rhetoric is Read more […]

The Plan Behind the Plan to Take Down Obamacare

Henry David Thoreau said: “Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.” The Republicans and Democrats are in a high-stakes game at the moment. Generally speaking, Democrats hold tightly to their—let’s call them principles, for lack of a morally bereft equivalent. Republicans, on the other hand, love to pretend they have principles, then when the time comes to demonstrate those principles, stop short. Another Republican problem—and this is a serious one—is a lack of forward thinking. Read more […]