Middle Class Adapting To State-Sponsored Serfdom While Pols Prosper

FoxNews released a report yesterday on the 16th quarterly Allstate-National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll. The headline was appropriate: “Middle Class Resigned To Stagnation.” “Here, 54% of those surveyed defined the middle class as those who could still keep up with bills, not get too buried in debt, and not lose their jobs. Once basic economic goals—such as paying for a child’s college education, retiring comfortably, or even just surviving a health care emergency—are only realistic Read more […]

Should C.I.A. Directors have Privacy Rights?

The recent and ongoing intelligence community scandal involving former C.I.A Director David Petraeus and other high ranking military leaders is somehow morphing into a civil liberties battle for internet privacy rights; well at least as far as the A.C.L.U and the New York Times are concerned it is. According to liberals, investigating potentially compromising personal behavior of Central Intelligence Agency executives through cyber reconnaissance is now a dangerous violation of privacy rights. In Read more […]