Was It Racist and Sexist to Choose Stephen Colbert for the “Late Show”?

A lot of people are lamenting the choice of Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman when he leaves the Late Show in 2015. My fellows on the right and I don’t like the choice of Colbert because we know too well who he is. He’s made a name for himself and earned his living as someone who masks his hostility toward conservatives and Republicans in satire. Satire is fine; Colbert has never offended me in his mockery. But I still can’t separate him from his Colbert Report persona, which he created Read more […]

Obama: “Democracy Is Not Just Casting A Ballot,” It’s Doing What I Want

Who can fail to be sickened to hear Obama lecturing the Middle East about democracy? We were told that a series of food riots were an “Arab Spring.” We were told we must support fledgling democracies. The Muslims in these dictatorships are all yearning to be free, we were told, and we must help them. We even overthrew the secular dictator Gaddafi by providing rebels with guns and air support. And then what happened? Exactly what anyone should have known would happen! The ability of the Muslim Read more […]